Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Teachers and Parents to Arnold - No More Lies about Your Broken Promises to Our Schools and Communities

The Alliance for a Better California blog notes the Governor's hypocrisy and lies regarding his real stance on education funding.

Arnold promised when he was running for office in 2003 not to touch education funding. In 2004 the state was facing a severe budget deficit. Arnold and the education coalition negotiated an agreement where he could borrow $2 billion, in a one time deal to help close the gap. He agreed to pay it back at a undetermined later date. Then he proposed a budget that took another $3 billion away from the school. He denied that he had made the original deal with the education coalition and refused to pay it back. CTA filed a lawsuit against him
for reneging on his deal.

...Now he is trying to run on his education record. Puuleaase. His record is full of broken promises and cuts to education.

See also Howard Blume's piece from the LA times on the Governor on schools as well.
Schwarzeneger swung through town here in San Francisco last week proclaiming his support for afterschool programs even though the money our state's communities will receive as a result of the passage of Proposition 49 is small peanuts to urban areas like ours which have been devastated by 5 years of budget cuts to our schools and human services. The hoopla and media-spinning by the Governor's camp caused some community-based organizations to really believe there was a lot more cash coming in for their programs causing some rifts as community groups, the City Hall bureaucracy and our school district fought over those crumbs.
Pictured here from are Salinas High School students protesting the gropenator. To hear audio coverage from the demonstration and background information, please go to: WIN: Protesters Challenge '"The Terminator's" Education Policies.
At the top is a photo of
Fresno teachers and students challenging the Governor's lies.

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