Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Phil Angelides joins high school students and alumnus Cornel West at Kennedy High - Sacramento

In the last stretch of his grueling challenge to Governor Schwarzenegger, Phil Angelides campaigned today with visionary leader Cornel West at West's and my alma mater - Kennedy High School in Sacramento. See Duane Campbell's Choosing Democracy Blog which links to today's LA Times blog.
West grew up not far from my old stomping grounds in the south area of Sacramento along Freport Blvd near the old airport.

The students at Kennedy seemed as sharp as I remember them in my high school days:

A student asked about Proposition 85, which would require parental notification if a minor seeks an abortion. Angelides told the students that Schwarzenegger supports it and called the initiative a right-wing plot to take away women's rights.

Another student, standing in the corner, asked about the "illegal immigrant issue" .... Angelides said "we need a real border" and spoke of his immigrant mother and grandparents.

Angelides said the state would "come to a grinding halt" if immigrants were to leave, because they provide so much for the economy. West, a graduate of Kennedy High, said: "I just wish we could be as scrutinizing of corporations that often don't pay their fair share of taxes." He mentioned Jesus' admonition to focus on the least of us.

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