Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Support the Oaxacan Teachers/People's Encampment for Dignity and Against Repression

Conference in PantitlánPhoto: D.R. 2006 Erwin Slim
Narco News has excellent and up-to-date reports on the struggles in Mexico City, Oaxaca and throughout Latin America. APPO and others are calling for allies and supporters to defend the people's encampments. See Communiqué: Encampment for Dignity and Against Repression in Oaxaca; Donate Seventy-Two Hours for Peace - By Civil Society Organizations of Oaxaca

Reporter Simon Fitzgerald also links Oaxaca to the 1968 Mexico City Massacre - In the Other Mexico City, the Ghosts of Tlatelolco 1968 March in Defense of Oaxaca and Atenco in 2006 - After 38 Years, Government Repression and Media Simulation Still Fail to Silence the Voices from Below - [I see clear historical parallels also with the US-military backed Kwangju Massacre of May 1980 which followed a peaceful people's uprising in Korea as well. See Korea reporter Tim Shorrock's excellent analysis of the people's movement in Korea below.]

On Oaxaca - From October 4, 2006 Narco News:

On Monday, as is tradition every October 2nd, citizens and students from all of central Mexico’s colleges and high schools commemorated the 1968 massacre of
student protestors and bystanders by government forces. This year’s march, from the Aztec ruins, Spaniard colonial cathedral and modern skyscrapers of the Plaza of three Cultures in Tlatelolco to the Zocalo at the center of Mexico City, repeatedly connected the repression of 38 years ago and the situation today.

While the majority of the crowd consisted of young student activists, the march was headed by survivors of the student movements of the sixties and seventies, as well as those whose family members were murdered or disappeared in what is known as “the Dirty War” of that period.

For more on Korea's May 1980 Kwangju People's Uprising and the Subsequent Massacre by the US-Backed Dictator Chun Doo Hwan's military forces see analysis and reviews by Tim Shorrock and others at

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