Thursday, October 05, 2006

SF Teachers, Labor leaders and community groups support demands of Oaxacan popular assembly - APPO

The crisis in Oaxaca is heating up as students march on the Anniversary of the 1968 Mexico City massacre, the PRD and others take the APPO demand that the Governor resign to a national level, the "legitimate President" of Mexico and others offer themselves as Human Shields for Oaxaca, and the marines and military are poised to brutally attack the teachers and popular people's assembly of Oaxaca.
Mexico watcher Nancy Davies writes:
[PRD Presidential candidate] Andrés Manuel López Obrador... [and other leaders of the] national movement pledged to mobilize their followers around the issue and to go to Oaxaca as “human shields” in the event of a military intervention.
In San Francisco's Mission District last night teachers, students, our SF Labor Council, LCLAA [Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, Open World Conference and many others gathered to meet representatives from APPO and to strategize on how to build solidarity and support.
The APPO representatives are on a quick tour of the United States to build support for the people's movement in Oaxaca.
Other great resources for info on APPO, Oaxaca and the fight for a democratic Mexico and global justice -
Department of Citizen Alice
Nancy Davies' reporting has taken a very critical view of the PRD but has been very insightful.
Contra G8 + 5 en Mexico - This blog does a great job linking global justice issues with climate change or "climate justice" as some folks call it. The blog provides great coverage of the recent Climate Justice Dialogue and Convergence Alternative to the G8+5 Climate Summit that just ended yesterday 10/4 in Mexico City.

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Alice said...

Hi Eric!

The comment & the mention of my blog is quite appreciated. Thank you. I'm checking out your blogs & your Board of Ed website now. My Nona Cristina (Great-grandmother), lived in SF, on Jersey St. for more than 60 years, she came from Durango, Mexico. Her husband was from Lucca, Italy.

I have high-hopes for & a lot of faith in the people in Oaxaca.

Thanks for your efforts as well!

-Alice, Dept. of Citizen Alice