Tuesday, October 10, 2006

SF's Coalition on Homelessness

Local artist Sloan Showalter donated her work to the 20-year old SF Coalition on Homelessness in September during one of their fundraisers. She did a portrait of my daughter Jade here. For more info on Sloan http://www.sloanarts.com . The Coalition continues their amazing work to give voice and political power to homeless people in SF.

The Coalition on Homelessness (COH) was formed in 1987 to foster the active participation of homeless and low-income San Franciscan residents and front-line staff in the struggle for economic and social justice. Through an integrated approach that combines outreach, peer support, leadership development, public education, advocacy, and community organizing, COH works to defend homeless and low-income people from attacks on their rights and their persons, while advocating for permanent solutions to homelessness that take into account not only poverty's devastating effects, but also its root causes.

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