Thursday, September 07, 2006

Senator Allen Welcome to America from Daily Kos

More Macaca-isms from Daily Kos - Senator Allen Welcome to America. Posted by RamR

I ask again, senator: Does it blow your mind to know that the people you presumed are only "foreigners" in this land - the people you mockingly "welcomed" to this country - are not any more of a guest in this land than you are? That they have contributed to this nation's growth in many, many more ways than you can possibly imagine?
So, I say to you: Sen. George Felix Allen,
Welcome to America.
Senator, Welcome to MY America where people of your ilk continue to benefit from the labor of the "colored people" and yet continue to trample on their dignity, continue to grind their rights into the ground, continue to demonize them, label them with racial slurs, exclude them from opportunities and keep them in "their place".
Senator, Welcome to MY America where every attempt by your ilk to break the spirit of the minority has miserably failed.
Senator, Welcome to MY America where not all Indians are New York city cab drivers or motel owners or Seven-Eleven cashiers. Where not all chinese-Americans run chinese take-out joints and not all Indian-Americans run Dunkin Donuts and subways.
Senator, Welcome to MY America where indians, who were not allowed to own land only some 50 years back now have a median income that is almost twice that of the national average and 1 in every 10 among them is a millionaire.
Senator, Welcome to MY America where 1 in every 3 faculty member in engineering departments across the US is an Asian-American and 1 in every 40 Indian-American is a doctor.
Senator, we made America as much as America made us. We are America as much as America is us.
Sen George Felix Allen, welcome to 21st century America.

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