Saturday, September 30, 2006

Los Angeles Immigrant Workers & UNITE-HERE make history on September 28th

Courage Campaign Blogger/activist Elliot Perry reports that LA immigrant and labor activists and UNITE-HERE made history Thursday. The LAPD called the immigrant workers' action the largest civil disobedience in Los Angeles in a generation and one of the largest in the city's history. The protest saw more arrests than any labor action in 60 years.
The spirited and growing labor/community alliance reminds me of the militancy and unity of SEIU's 1990 Los Angeles/Century City Justice for Janitors campaign which was memorialized in the June 15th 1990 police attack on the peaceful workers and community allies.
Perry says that contrary to some media reports there were more than 300 arrestees and close to 3,000 folks who marched beside them this past Thursday. See also LA Times reports.
Organizers included the Somos De America (We Are America) coalition, Hotel Employees Union Local 11, and LAX area clergy.

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