Saturday, September 30, 2006

California Nurses Association turns heat up to terminate Schwarzenegger and stop political corruption by passing Prop 89

Deborah Burger and the California Nurses Association are turning the heat up to fight the "coalition of the corrupt" by terminating Gov. Schwarzenegger and stopping political corruption by passing Proposition 89 on November 7th. Good to see CNA, SEIU and others taking the lead on building a progressive movement to take back our state. Where's CTA when we really need them to build a broader community/labor alliance?... Even UTLA, the country's 2nd largest teacher's union, has endorsed Prop 89!
Thanks to Duane Campbell's Choosing Democracy blog for this.

The coalition of the corrupt—including Governor Schwarzenegger, much of the Legislature, and California’s high-paid lobbyists—have ganged up to defeat bills that would improve California’s healthcare, education system, and environment.
They usually like to kill these bills in the dark of night—but we’re bringing it into the light this Tuesday at Noon with a special bill-vetoing ceremony.
That’s this Tuesday,
Noon, the West Steps of the State Capitol in Sacramento
Yes on Proposition 89 and Stop Political Corruption!

See also the Alliance for a Better Calfornia blogger Julia Rosen's posting on Schwartenegger's corporate donors: Corporate Cash Pays for Ceremonies

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