Monday, September 11, 2006

The 9/11 Teaching Moment - Linking 9/11 to the Japanese Internment and ongoing racial profiling & immigrant community issues

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10/14 Teaching for social justice Conference - SF
The week of September 11th has always been a 'teachable moment' for my Ethnic Studies classes at San Francisco State because there are so many new and interesting resources available to teach about broader issues of racial justice, civil rights and civil liberties, and the ongoing struggles for democracy, constitutional rights and immigrant rights today.

Thanks so much to Teaching for Change and others for posting such great alternative 911 resources for teachers like me. For my Ethnic Studies and Asian American Studies students I always use San Francisco Filmmaker Lina Hoshino's excellent 2004 film - Caught In Between: What to Call Home in Times of War which links post 911 America with the WWII internment camp experience by highlighting post 911 multiethnic community activism and solidarity and the 2002 Tule Lake Internment Camp Pilgrimage. The film also features veteran community activists like Yuri Kochiyama, WWII Draft Resister Mits Koshiyama, Justice for Latin Americans activist Grace Shimizu, and the NOSEI Network's Lisa Nakamura.

I also use a number of shorter readings from ColorLines Magazine, WarTimes, National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, and articles from 2 relatively new South Asian American groups ASATA and SAALT.

This semester's readings also included the following -
Between Two Americas – by Bill Hing – Colorlines - Fall 2004
No Nation of Immigrants would treat immigrants this way [Arnoldo Garcia/National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights – Spring 2002]
Under Homeland Security: 2001-2004: A timeline of major events and policies affecting immigrants and civil liberties from Colorlines Fall 2004
From SAALT Aug 30, 2006 - - Documented Incidents of Xenophobia and Intolerance Documented_Xenophobic_Incidents_SAALT_Community Ed
Deportations Devastate Cambodian Communities: Families Shattered by Betty Song [War-Times March 2004]
In past classes I have used songs from Michael Franti/Spearhead or local hip hop artists like Kiwi as well to bring out artists' responses and perspectives on what 911 means to us today.
Besides the publications above - I have found the tips and resources from the following organizations very helpful as well:
American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee - Advice to Educators from the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
Rethinking Schools Special Issue on 911
Teaching for Change Webpage on 911 teaching resources

Parenting and 911 -

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As a parent, I also took a stab at talking with my 6 year old last night too about the aftermath of 911 - the following resource was very helpful -
Early Childhood Equity Alliance
Please join us on Sat October 14th for our 6th annual social justice teaching conference in San Francisco -
Teachers 4 Social Justice presents:
6th annual educator’s conference "Teaching for Social Justice: From Moments to Movement"
Co-Sponsored by Poverty & Race Research Action Council and Teaching for Change

Saturday, October 14th, 2006, 9am-4pm
Mission High School in San Francisco
3750 18th Street (at Church Street)

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Asa G. Hilliard, Professor of Urban Education, African Scholar and Author
Conference Goals:
• Explore empowering learning communities through curriculum and practice
• Provide a forum for networking and community building

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