Saturday, September 09, 2006

CA Big Businesses Bankrolling Attack Ads Against Clean Money/Good Government Prop 89

Duane Campbell's Choosing Democracy Blog answers the question:
Who is funding the No on 89 campaign?

Who’s Bankrolling the No on 89 Campaign? Mercury Insurance—Controversial California Insurance Corporations- First to Fund Attacks on Anti-Corruption Initiative
The California Chamber of Commerce is busily building its team of Sacramento insiders desperate to support the status quo-and ignore the corruption that troubles so many voters. Their first major donor has stepped to the plate, with Mercury General Corporation donating $100,000 to the No on 89 campaign, paired with another $100,000 from George Joseph, the company’s CEO.
On the opposite side is the California Nurses Association and many good government advocates, the SF Democratic Party , SF People's Organization, SF Green Party, and community-based organizations up and down the state ...
Rose Ann DeMoro, Executive Director of the California Nurses Association noted, “Mercury Insurance is symbolic of the problems California faces. They give money to any politician who rewards them special favors or treatment. With corporations like Mercury running the show in Sacramento, ordinary voters don’t stand a chance. Prop. 89 is our opportunity to rein in the special interests corrupting out government and clean up the mess in Sacramento.”

See also the California Progress Report's posting by Richard Holober of the Consumer Federation of CA - Prop 89 Take the 'For Sale' Sign Off the State Capitol
Yes on Clean Money Elections!
Yes on Prop 89!

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