Friday, March 23, 2007

CSU Strike - Student Fee Hikes, Executive Compensation & Perks, Fair Contract for Faculty

As we prepare to strike, California State University Faculty are doing our best to get the word out about our issues -
Scandalous?! Who wants to be a millionaire in the CSU system?
Compare our Executives' Salaries with the rest of us who teach for a living:

More sleuthing at

Executive Compensation: What's this I keep hearing about the CSU 'fat cats' and all their Executive Compensation and Perks?

• Last fall, the CSU Trustees awarded campus presidents and the top administrators in the Chancellor’s Office 19% increases in compensation -- including salary increases averaging 13.7% per person.
• At their January 2007 meeting, CSU Trustees will vote on another 4% salary increase proposed for the same executives.
• With these raises:-the average 2-year salary increase = $42,000-salary paid to the top execs in 06/07 will be 19% more than in 04/05
• By contrast, since 2002, CSU faculty received only a 3.5% raise, in July 2005.
• Compensation increases awarded to some executives in 2005 totaled more than the annual salary paid to full-time faculty.
• CPEC estimates that CSU faculty are paid 18% lower, on average, than their peers at similar universities around the country.

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Bruce said...

Thanx, Eric, for making a clear posting of the CSU situation. As you know, I have been advocating for student fee DEcreases for a decade now. I am glad that CFA is really getting on board here in full tilt.

It is time to really pressure our legislators to abide by the state charter and truly make education a right and free for all.

Bruce Wolfe