Monday, March 05, 2007

NCLB Wars - Grassroots Educator Roundtable launches frontal assault

The grassroots Educator Roundtable, which is calling for an end to the destructive NCLB ['No Child Left Behind'] education law, has just launched a new national advertising campaign. Their 50-state strategy is aimed at stopping the reauthorization of NCLB. A whopping 27,000 parents, teachers, students and community people have signed their grassroots petition. And momentum is growing:

We, the educators, parents, and concerned citizens whose names appear below, reject the misnamed No Child Left Behind Act and call for legislators to vote against its reauthorization. We do so not because we resist accountability, but because the law's simplistic approach to education reform wastes student potential, undermines public education, and threatens the future of our democracy.
More News - Our first advertising campaign; 50 State Strategy;

The Rountable's full petition appears in the current edition of The Nation magazine. We are urging supporters to help us reach members of Congress by writing several of them a letter and sending those letters on MONDAY, MARCH 12.
In order to make it easier for everyone, the Roundtable provides mailing addresses on their website, and they've written a letter that anyone can easily download and print. In keeping with the spirit of our movement, we encourage you to refine the letter or to write your own. You might simply sign the petition and send it...


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