Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bravo to Barbara Lee and Lynn Woolsey - De-fund the War

Bravo to the Congressional Progressive Caucus and 2 of our local SF/Oakland Bay Area reps Barbara Lee and Lynn Wolsey for introducing HR 508, the Bring the Troop Home Act along with LA's Maxine Waters - More from the Oakland Tribune

The war in Iraq became a war of dueling legislation Wednesday on Capitol Hill, as two Bay Area lawmakers introduced a bill to choke off the war's funding even while Republicans introduced one to ensure that can't happen. ...
Their bill — which has 13 other original co-sponsors — would repeal the president's authorization to use force in Iraq and fully fund a six-month withdrawal of troops and military contractors, cutting off money after that. It also would prohibit permanent U.S. military bases in Iraq, provide economic and political aid to the Iraqi government, fully fund the VA health care system, bar U.S. access to Iraqi oil production at least until the Iraqi government sets clear rules for foreign ownership and participation, and create a bipartisan joint committee to probe whether the United States was led into this war under false pretenses.

Down with Tyranny has a good rundown from with what's going on in the US Senate as well.

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