Friday, January 12, 2007

1/11 Emergency Protests in SF - parenting/marching to stop the escalation of war

Marching with the ANSWER coalition and United for Peace and Justice last night in the chilly San Francisco air to protest the escalation of the War on Iraq my 6 year old and I talked about how we were a small part of a larger social movement with hundreds of other actions all over the world. But as Paul Hogarth says in we have to work on building much more mass support for our efforts to 'defund the war' and 'bring the troops home.'

MoveOn members had organized a number of actions during the day throughout our Bay Area as well. has plenty of great photos.

UFPJ PROTEST JANUARY 27TH! On Saturday, January 27, thousands will be marching on in Washington to call for an end to the Iraq war.
ANSWER March on the Pentagon March 17th.

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