Tuesday, April 04, 2006

San Jose Rising!, Racial Justice in Policy-Making, Youth Breathing Fire into new movements

Check out 3 good reads on Racial Justice in education policy-making and on young folks and students breathing new fire into the immigrant rights and the new civil rights movements.

Oakland's Applied Research Center - Race in Focus v2, #10April 4, 2006
Welcome to Race in Focus, an action newsletter of the Applied Research Center.

With millions taking to the streets since the March 10th demonstration in Chicago, the political landscape and media reporting of immigration reform has shifted significantly.
This week we focus on key trends and the impact they may have for California.

Mass Mobilizations Refocus Debate: For the past four years, national security has framed discussions of immigration reform, employing a coded undercurrent of anti-immigrant hostility. Millions taking to the streets in Los Angeles, Detroit, Milwaukee, Phoenix, Dallas, and Charlotte have forced the media to focus on the human impact of immigration reform.

Students Step Up: Tens of thousands of high school and elementary school students have led multi-day walk-outs across the state, even in such conservative strongholds as San Diego, Fresno, and Delano.

California Politicians Forced to Change Their Positions: California Senator Dianne Feinstein, who has failed inexcusably to support immigrants' rights, was finally forced to stand up for comprehensive reform. Governor Schwarzenegger, who supported the Minuteman, has had to temper his position. His recent L.A. Times editorial stated, "We need a debate that attacks the issue without attacking individuals. And we need a comprehensive new law that respects immigrants and protects our nation." See L.A. Times Editorial.

Also, New American Media had a great piece April 3rd focusing on youth perspectives on the immigrant rights movement upsurge.
Young People Bring New Energy to Immigrant Rights Movement
New America Media, Commentary/Analysis, Hector Gonzalez, Elizabeth Gonzales, Raj Jayadev, Apr 03, 2006

Also see a great video and other stuff on San Jose Rising and Making history [again]!!! - DeBug [online magazine of the south bay at http://www.siliconvalleydebug.org/

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