Saturday, April 01, 2006

Punishing students

State Superintendent O'Connell and local educational administrators ( not leaders) are responding to student demonstrations with punishment and threats.
It is noteworthy that they are avoiding their own responsibility.
Why must (mostly Latino) students walk out of school to find out about real world politics?
It is supposed to be a function of schools to prepare all for citizenship. Instead these folks want to punish students.
A reason is that California's History /Social Science curriculum was designed by neo con Diane Ravitch, and the standards respond to the frameworks. That is, we have a very conservative history/social science curriculum and textbooks.
And, unfortunately, as a consequence of the nature of higher education in California and the teacher selection process, we have a dominant majority of teachers who are not radical activists for democracy.
In the 1960's Chicanos had to walk out of school to find out about their own lives and cultures.
Now students have to walk out to discuss the draconian immigration bills.
Duane Campbell

NLG National Lawyers Guild - support website for student protesters


Chaz said...

Diane Ravich is a wonderful and sensitive educator that does not fit any particular political party. Calling her a neo-conservative is not only unfair but shows your own idology. Further, how many days is enough for students to walk out of school 3? 4? more?

Further, what's with all those Mexican Flags? Why don't they go back and live in their country if their so in love with Mexico. Just think of the money our country would save.

1. Free education for students who want to live the American dream

2. Free health care for citizens or legal aliens who need it.

3. In-state tuition for all legal residents of the country.

4. Let's not even talk about the strain on the welfare system.

When I stand on a concert line I don't allow people to jump a line. Why would I support people who not only jump the line but have the stupidity to complain that they should benefit for their illegal behavior.

Duane Campell said...

First, Dr. Diane Ravitch is recognized by nearly all scholars as a neo conservative. If you do not recognize that, you are not paying attention. As one recent example, she blamed the 9/11 attacks on multiculturalism in schools. See her essays on the Brookings Institute site.
Second, I do not take responsibility for the Mexican flags. they are kids.
But, you don't understand the process of immigration.
You mention waiting in line. Well, if you wish to immigrate to the U.S., and you live in England or most of Europe, the wait is about 3 months.
But, if you wish to immigrate to the U.S., and you live in Mexico, the wail is over 11 years. So, the shill which you offer of just waiting in line is actually false.
Strains on the welfare system. Again, you are wrong. You must mean refugees. The undocumented receive almost no welfare services- only emergency medical aid. If an undocumented person applies for welfare they risk deportation.
I do agree with you that all citizens and residents should have paid health care. It would not be free.
It would be paid.

Anonymous said...