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From NY to LA and SF - Si Se Puede! - Putting a Human Face on the Immigrant Rights Movement; All out for April 10 and April 23 [SF]

Alternet Photo
In this morning's SF Chronicle reporter Tyche Hendricks and photographer Mike Kepa do something many other mainstream media do not - put a human face on immigrant families.
The front page story has some amazing photos as well.

STAKES HIGH FOR FAMILIES Outcome of bill weighs heavy -- dad, in U.S. since age 8, could be deported

Alternet this morning also ran an excellent piece summarizing the movement, promoting A10 in NYC and around the country and where we go from here.
¡Sí, Se Puede!
By Maria Luisa Tucker, AlterNet. Posted April 3, 2006.
A contagious sense of optimism spreads as thousands of New Yorkers march for immigrants' rights.
Perhaps the optimism was due to the sheer exhilaration of coming together and the palpable possibility of legalization, which would untangle many of life's problems for immigrants constantly in fear of la migra. The tone of the rally seemed to signal a real moment of opportunity in America -- a moment of possibility.
...The ... motivator is hope; since the Senate picked up the ball on immigration reform last week, there has been growing support for bipartisan legislation initially put forth by John McCain and Ted Kennedy. This legislation proposes a path toward citizenship for undocumented workers, provided they pay a fine and back taxes, learn English and pass a criminal background check.
There is ample time for demonstrators to up the ante on the issue, as the full Senate moves closer to passing its version of immigration reform. If the Senate is able to approve an immigration bill, demonstrators will be sure to continue their call for compassionate immigration reform as congressmen attempt to reconcile the House and Senate legislation.
Aided by Spanish-language radio, unions and immigrant rights groups, undocumented immigrants have become increasingly organized and bold in their calls for legalization. They are getting support from far corners of the political landscape. Republicans, Democrats, communists and progressives from Los Angeles and Houston to Denver, Phoenix and Chicago have rallied for legalization of undocumented immigrants.
...Some have called the demonstrations a backlash against the backlash. Others believe it is the beginning of an international populist uprising connected with the leftist movements of many Latin American nations. Whatever it is, it is gaining momentum across the United States, and what it needs now is support from a larger base of progressives, liberals and compassionate people everywhere. ...
A10 - list of the local actions on April 10 - Immigrant Solidarity Network
Monday, April 10: National Day of Action for Immigrant Justice will be the biggest day of demonstrations around the nation. The following cities have rallies in the planning stages: Houston; San Antonio; Austin, Texas; Dallas; St. Louis; Minneapolis; Detroit; Chicago; Pittsburgh; Philadelphia; Miami; Charlotte, N.C.; New Haven, Conn.; Danbury, Conn.; Hartford, Conn.; Birmingham, Ala.; New York; Boston; Milwaukee; Washington, D.C.; and many more.
Monday - April 10 - San Francisco and San Jose solidarity actions are taking place on April 10th as well. Companeros Del Barrio is calling for folks to assemble at 16th and Mission St. at 5:00pm in order to march to 24th and Mission for a rally at 6:00pm. More info: 415-431-9925.
A23 - Here in San Francisco - All out for Sunday April 23rd! - the Bay Area Immigrant Rights Coalition is calling on faith-based and labor organizations and the broader anti-war and social justice movements to support a mass demonstration on Sunday April 23, 2006 at Dolores Park, in the Mission District across from Mission High School.
for more info : Bay Area Immigrant Rights Coalition
Phone: (510) 839-7598Fax: (510) 465-1885

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