Saturday, March 04, 2006

Parents & Teachers support language equality, bilingual education & HBO's Walkout

This week at the CABE [CA Assn for Bilingual Education] gathering in San Jose, CA parents, students and teachers cheered the premiere of the upcoming film Walkout.

[See CABE's great comments on the recently released AIR/WestEd study of Post Prop 227 education for English Learners]

CABE parents, students and teachers said that we need to understand our history of youth movements and community movements so that we can more effectively build new movements to change our society and school system today.

Wednesday evening I also worked with the SF Freedom School and Mission High School teachers to view and discuss the great film With All Deliberate Speed [by the director of Hoop Dreams] which highlighted the African American led community movements that emerged to create equality in schools and communities throught the 50's, 60's and 70's.

Understanding the lessons of the Chicano movement, the Civil Rights and Black Liberation movements are key for teachers and youth to help point us towards new strategies for educational justice today.

On March 9 [Wed evening] Please join the SF Freedom School with another great film, dinner and a discussion on the importance of the labor movement in the fight for better schools -

The special guest will be Lawanna Preston, political director for SEIU Local 790, and a parent and longtime social justice leader.

MARCH 9 Black Labor History: the politics of divide and conquer
Film: Struggles in Steel (58 min, 1996)

Struggles in Steel documents the shameful history ofdiscrimination against black workers and one heroic campaign where they won equality on thejob.Interviews with more than 70 retired black steelworkers tell heart-rending tales of struggles with thecompany, the union and white co-workers to break out of the black job ghetto.

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