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Latino Voice for Peace March - Mexico Border to the Mission District in SF; Edward James Olmos' Walkout: Based on the East LA Student Protests of 1968

New HBO film about the Chicano/Latino struggle for Self-Determination and Educational Justice in East LA premieres March 18th:
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Walkout: Based on the East LA Student Protests of 1968
Edward James Olmos directs this HBO Films drama that tells the true but little-known story of a group of Chicano students who staged a compelling 1968 walkout to protest the injustices of the public high-school system in East Los Angeles. Starring Alexa Vega as Paula Crisostomo, an idealistic honor student who refuses to "play it safe" in a school system that clearly discriminates against Chicanos, instead banding with a group of activists to coordinate a multi- school walkout of students. Mentored by her charismatic teacher Sal Castro (Michael Peña), Paula learns that sometimes the price for progress is high -- but it's ultimately worth paying.
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Latinos Against the War links:

Connecting the War on Latinos and the Poor today with the Chicano Moratoriums of 1970 - 35 years later -
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Raising Latino Voice of Opposition to the War in Iraq

Objective: A 241 mile march that aims at ensuring thatthe Latino voice of opposition to the War is heard loud and clear across the Americas.
WHAT/ WHEN: Fernando Suarez del Solar, Pablo Paredes,Camilo Mejia and Aidan Delgado will lead a coalition ofthe willing across this 241 mile quest for peacestarting in Tijuana, Mexico, going through Marine Corps Depot Camp Pendleton to the Cesar Chavez burial site inLa Paz, CA, culminating in The Mission district of SanFrancisco with a memorial ceremony and blood drive.
The March will begin on 12 March 2006. The coalition ofthe willing will arrive at La Paz, CA on 22 March 2006 and culminate in San Francisco from 26 March 2006 to 27March 2006.
WHY: Latinos represent nearly 15% of the US populationand 11% of the US military, with many serving in combator hazardous duty occupations. In addition, anestimated 20% of the fallen service members in theearly months of the invasion were Latino. With thecontinued growth of the Latino population and its vitalimportance to the future of this country, it is time for the Latino community to become an active and vocalpart of the 60%+ of US citizens that oppose this War.It is also time to show the Latino community that theyhave a voice and a right to fight for peace andstability. Fernando Suarez Del Solar is committed toself-sacrifice. At 50 years of age he cares more aboutending this war than even his own health. We make thiscall not only to the Latino population but to all thosewho agree with our message "No more bloodshed in Iraq".
About the Route and Structure
Why 241 miles? Last Year was the 75th anniversary of Gandhi's Salt March, one of the most impactful non-violent acts of protest and civil disobedience inpursuit of social justice in history. Gandhi marched241 miles to free India from British imperialism. This legacy has been vibrant in all Latino Social Justice movements. Cesar Chavez was a disciple of Gandhi. We wish to rekindle this tradition and one year after the75th , we wish to put Gandhi's spirit into practicerather than wait for the next milestone to honor hismemory.

About the march leaders:
Fernando Suarez Del Solar Is the father of one of the first Latinos to die in Iraq. He was lied to about his son's death, but found thetruth in Iraq with the help of a well know recentvictim of the war, co-anchor of ABC's World NewsTonight, Bob Woodruff. Fernando's son Jesus stepped on an illegal US cluster bomb. Since then Fernando has been a tireless advocate for peace.
Pablo Paredes Navy warresister who refused boarding an Iraq bound ship on Dec. 6th 2004. He was court martialed, sentenced andnow speaks out for Peace.
Camilo Mejia Served one tour in Iraq and then became a National Guard war resister. He was jailed for nine months for his opposition to thewar and is now a prominent anti-war speaker and memberof Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW).
Aidan Delgado Is a Conscientious Objector of the Iraq war. He served at Abu Gharib and now tours the country withslide shows of the prison abuses.

About the march route:
Tijuana - The march from Tijuana across the US-Mexico Border is a symbolic gesture of Peace without borders. As Jesus Suarez del Solar was born and educated in this beautiful city, our marchwill also be born in Tijuana, and we also wish that our gesture serves to educate around border issues andpeace.
Escondido Escondido is the city in which Jesuswas recruited and today is buried. We wish to trace Jesus' steps and then continue his fight for thechildren of Iraq and America in the name of peacerather than war.
Pendleton Marine Corps Depot Camp Pendleton is the place where Jesus and many of ouryouth are trained for war. Jesus deployed fromPendleton to Iraq. We wish to rewrite history with our march and deploy our soldiers from MCD Camp Pendletonto La Paz. La Paz - La Paz translates to The Peace, and is the burial site of Cesar Chavez. We wish to evoke his legacy and lead our coalition to peace.
San Francisco's Mission district is predominantly Latino. We will hold a service in the mission to commemorate Jesus. We will also stage ablood drive. The blood donated will be equally distributed to cope with Iraqi as well as coalition needs.

The March will arrive in all the following cities:Tijuana, San Diego, Escondido, Camp Pendleton, SantaAna, Los Angeles, San Fernando, Palmdale, Rosamond,Keene (La Paz), Fresno, San Jose, and San Francisco.

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