Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Farewell Sister Anne Braden - don't mourn, ORGANIZE!

Longtime southern organizer Anne Braden has just passed away. See the memorial on the National Organizer's Alliance Website at NOA on Anne.
Here also was one of Anne's last articles on ending racism in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina - BRADEN article
For more info - Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression

National Organizers Alliance statement on Anne Braden
Anne Braden, a NOA member since 1995, died early Monday morning, March 6th at the age of 81. Anne started organizing in 1948 in Louisville, Kentucky. At one time she told NOA that she started organizing because she grew up white in a racist society, and privileged in a classist society. We invite you to view or post public messages in the Guest Book.
Information on the March 10th Funeral and the April 23rd Memorial, as well as information on where to send gifts in honor of Anne Braden can be found on the webpage of Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression.
Anne was on the Firestarters panel at Gathering V. As a veteran anti-racist organizer she talked about the future of the movement. She said, "For white people we have an overwhelming challenge right now. White supremacy, I like that term better than racism, it's more descriptive of what we mean and you don't have to get into endless arguments about whether people of color can be racists. I'm really totally convinced if it weren't for the hold that white supremcay has...this revolution would have happened a long time ago."

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