Wednesday, November 09, 2005

CA - Arnold takes a big ass-whooping in the Nov. 8, 2005 CA special election - Props 73-78 all defeated.

When I made it to the SOMA [south of market district] victory party for the SF Alliance for a Better California sometime around 11pm the hundreds in attendance expressed a tremendous accomplishment in battling against tremendous odds, especially for Prop 74 [Punish New Teachers Act] and Prop 75 [Paycheck Deception Act to silence teachers, nurses, firefighters and workers], and Prop 73 [the anti-choice parental notification act].

Veteran labor, anti-war and queer community elder Howard Wallace smiled intensely when he learned that the no on Prop 75 vote had surpassed the yes vote shortly after 10pm.
SF Alliance Director Robert Haaland and local staff and volunteers did a tremendous job with SF Labor Council head Tim Paulson in turning out 1300 volunteers today in one of the largest Get-out-the-vote efforts in SF history.

United Health Care Workers organizer Leon Chow, also the Chair of the Chinese Progressive Association told me that hundreds of immigrant activists worked precincts up and down the hills of SF's Chinatown, along with students and youth to turn out the immigrant vote. The Asian Law Caucus and APA's for an Informed California conducted a community exit poll that will hopefully shed light on the voting patterns of Chinese and immigrant voters in the Special Election.

State Ballot Measures as of Midnight!
( 578 of 578 ) San Francisco precincts reporting as of Nov 9, 2005 at 12:19 am
For the current results -
What a major climax to this incredibly important CA election. Let's continue the momentum to send Arnold back to Hollywood and to turn the tide against the conservative and big business assault on our schools and communities!

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