Friday, November 04, 2005

The Boondocks hits your TV Sunday Night; Universal Preschool needed in CA despite the latest Preschool Studies

The Boondocks hits your TV's Sunday night - 11pm Cartoon Network!
According to Newsweek, on Aaron McGruder's new Cartoon Network series 'The Boondocks,' no one is safe—not even Rosa Parks.
The Detroit Free Press says comic artist extraordinaire McGruder simply "tells it like it is."
For more on the Comicstrip .
See also the excellent Post 911 Alternet interview with the amazingly sharp and creative Aaron McGruder

Universal Quality Preschool for All is needed more than ever in CA - despite 2 recent studies on the effects of preschool and childcare.
The mainstream press reported on 2 new studies showing both positive and negative effects of spending long hours in organized child care and preschool - The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development's study of early child care and youth development and the Stanford/UC Berkeley National Center for Education Statistics' Early Childhood Longitidinal Study.
But as reported in the SF Chronicle, advocates for expanding preschool in California shot back with their messages too.
"We want all children to be better prepared and be successful for life," said Catherine Atkin, president of Preschool California. "All children benefit from a quality preschool experience."
The Chronicle also reported that efforts to expand preschool are growing across the country, including in Georgia, Oklahoma, New Jersey and New York. California is one of three states -- including Massachusetts and Illinois -- where significant plans are being made to offer all 4-year-olds voluntary preschool.
In California, the proposed universal preschool ballot initiative expected for the June 2006 state ballot would levy a 1.7 percent tax on couples who make at least $800,000 annually or single people who make $400,000.

A broad and growing coalition of educators, parents and community groups called Preschool California want every child in California to have the opportunity to go to quality preschool. We are working on a CA statewide ballot iniative for the June 2006 ballot that would make Universial high quality preschool a reality for many more Californians.
Preschool should be more than just a special program for the poor, or a private advantage accessible only to the well-to-do. It should be a voluntary opportunity for every child in California.
For more info on the initiative and the growing movement to achieve publicly funded, quality preschool opportunity for all California children whose parents want to enroll them contact Preschool California


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Anonymous said...

>>Preschool should be more than just a special program for the poor, or a private advantage accessible only to the well-to-do.<<

Then why should it be a program incumbent only upon the well-to-do?