Friday, November 18, 2005

Big Challenges Ahead for SF Schools

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For a great posting on the challenges ahead for SF Unified School District - check out local schools activist and Prop H [Preschool Sports Arts Music Librarians and Learning Support] Community Advisory Committee Member Kim Knox's analysis -

Post-Strike Notes [by kim knox]
Now that the Local 790 strike on SFUSD has been averted, there are still some big outstanding items that the BOE has to tackle:

1. Keep talking to the teachers-they are still working on their contract and they have voted to consider a strike on their own.
2. Keep talking to Local 21 and other unions that have members at SFUSD-they don’t have a contract as well.
3. Budget money for raises and professional development. Think of the funds as an investment.
4. School closure-Round 1 of School Enrollment is over on Jan. 23. You need to either determine (with public input) the five to six schools that will be cut or move the date for Round 1 of School Enrollment.
5. Superintendent Search. Ackerman has shown up for the last two meetings and a hour in the meeting, she has Gwen Chan sit in her seat-while Arlene sits next to the student delegates. After 20 minutes or so, suddenly Arlene disappears.
You have a boat w ithout a captain. Get community input on what vision they have for THEIR school district-and what they want in THEIR superintendent.
6. Over million extra dollars was put into the Central Office in last year’s budget. Find out where Harrington thought that there could be fat-and then pursue taking it out-and giving it back to the classroom.

There are many issues facing SFUSD-even without the strike. We all need to work hard to address those issues.
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Kim Knox is the editor and author of several environmental education books and was elected to the Green County Council in 2004. She also founded the SF Envrionmental Summit for Youth and the Environment Bowl for High School Students.

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