Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Barbara Boxer v. Fiorina

Barbara Boxer;
The economic crisis was caused by finance capital and  the stimulus was too small.  It was small because that is all they could get through the  Republican resistance in the Senate.   But, the stimulus  was still the biggest jobs bill in U.S. history, and the biggest investment in public goods (schools, teachers, roads, bridges, clean energy, firefighters, cops, etc.). The health care bill has big flaws, including the lack of a public option. The nation  should have gone for Single Payer to save money and to improve the system.  But, Single Payer could not get through the Senate- it didn’t even pass the House.  Remember, we were unable to establish Single Payer by a direct vote in California.  How do you think it went in Tennessee, Nebraska, etc.? Obama, Barbara Boxer  and the Democrats  succeeded at extending health  coverage to virtually everyone and reining in major insurance abuses (on pre-existing conditions, lifetime caps, etc.) . Every  prior Democratic president for almost 60 years had tried and failed. Look at the history of social security. It started with much less.
Boxer worked with the Obama Administration  political team to prevent a second  Great Depression and put the country back on a halting
path to recovery.  Boxer and the Democrats delivered record tax cuts to the middle class and slashed nearly $200 billion in
corporate welfare.  The Obama  team  prevented the collapse of the Big Three automakers – over the objections of the Republicans and saved  more than 1 million jobs.  Imagine what Fiorina would do- off shore the auto industry.

 The financial reform bill is a good start. There were very significant victories in reigning in the financial sector, and the Administration moved toward more  financial regulation .  ( See my essay “The best way to rob a bank is to own one.” ) The financial reform bill should have been stronger, re-implementing Glass-Steagall type protection, but the Republican Senators would not permit it, and they would not permit a vote on it.  Imagine what Fiorina would do.

The federal budgets Obama submitted have been the most progressive indecades . Progressives  won a major victory on, and expansion of, the student loan program for college students.  The Lilly Leadbetter  Equal Pay law got passed, S-CHIP got expanded, the hate crimes bill got signed.
In August  the Senate and the House passed, and President Obama signed an additional stimulus of 26 billion dollars to fund teachers, Medicaid, and public service jobs.  This saved 15,000 teacher jobs in California alone.  None of this would have happened if the Senate or the House  were in Republican hands.  Think of this when you vote.
 We are now entering another slow down of the economy.  This slow down was caused by the Republicans in the Senate  refusal to pass additional stimulus money for jobs, health care, and public works.  Do you want to strengthen the Republican resistance to economic growth.
The Obama Administration has provided  a moderate, centrist government.  To me, the major failure has been the continuation of U.S. policy of imperialism and hegemony in the world.  This policy is most clearly revealed in the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but also clearly visible in Honduras , Columbia, and other areas.  There is no major political party nor candidate opposing US imperialism and global domination.  The Administration has also failed in educational policy working with Arne Duncan  where they have extended and accelerated Bush policies.  There is much more on this on my blog at www.choosingdemocracy.blogspot.com

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linda said...

I was going to argue this point by point, but I can see that among all that head patting it would be pointless.

So, 3 major flaws:

The financial crisis was caused by real estate scam in which real estate agents, appraisers, loan officers, bank and those who lied to get a loan for a house they flipped all took part. It was also caused by corrupt Federal Bank, federal overseeing bodies, banks and financial institutions that overstated the value of their goods and sold them on.
None of the above was corrected.The hails are still empty of those criminals.

Health care reform is a sham because it requires the poorest to pay up to 10% of their income in health care premiums in order to keep the rich kids on their parents health care plans and provides life time benefits while it limits copays for those who can afford insurance. It leave 20 million of people out in the cold outright and millions live if fear because they cannot afford to pay but the law says they must.Unless you are penniless, there is no help.This so called health care is just 10% extra tax on the poorest people.

Stimulus, that was supposed to create jobs, largely benefited those who had well paying jobs already. There was no comprehensive policy to create well paying positions in all areas, as Roosevelt has done, and no effort is being made to switch from consumer driven, and dead economy, to sustainable service based one (health care is service).

More student loans only drives the cost up for students and keeps them impoverished longer. Cost control is non-existent.Jobs for educated are non-existent.

There is such lack of understanding of how to get out of this in this administration, such lack of political skills that it becomes dreadfully dangerous to keep it.

Unfortunately, Republicans are even worse. Shall we see about the independents?