Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Labor/Change to Win - Fired Up and Ready to Go with OBAMA

The 6 million member strong Change to Win labor federation announced its support for Obama.
Here are Chair Anna Berger's remarks:
Our members and the 40 million workers in our industries are real people who work hard picking the crops, stocking the shelves, preparing and serving our food, building, cleaning and guarding the skyscrapers of our big cities. They drive our buses and trucks.
They care for the sick and elderly and help us raise our children. They are the infrastructure of our society
For them, this election is about changing America to win a better future for our children.
We want a president who shares our vision and is committed to a practical program to translate that vision into action.
Action that will fix what happens at work by:
Protecting the right of workers to have a voice in their workplaces
Health care for every man, woman and child in America
Fair trade policies to promote job growth
Creating good jobs through rebuilding and expanding our nation’s infrastructure
Most importantly, we want a president who shares our dream and unites Americans in building a movement for change. ….a movement with the power to turn that dream into reality.
Today, Change to Win is proud to endorse Senator Barack Obama.
Here's a clip of Obama's speech at Change to Win's Convention in Chicago this past September:

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