Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Free Multicultural Educators Conference: Sacramento

Saturday, April 12, 2008 - 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM

California State University, Sacramento University Union
FREE Admission, Refreshments, and Parking
Sponsored by the Bilingual/Multicultural Education Department
California State University, Sacramento and the Bilingual/ Multicultural Education Department (BMED) are pleased to announce its 2008 keynote speaker, Dr. Francisco Reveles. In an educational era that is concerned about closing the academic achievement gap, Dr. Reveles recommends building strong, lasting relationships with our students, our colleagues, our parents, and other community members as a way to collaborate in setting high expectations that lead toward achieving concrete goals. Not all students think they have a future because they have lost hope. Educators who mentor students serve as support systems and role models that encourage them to succeed. Dr. Reveles believes that when students begin to feel successful, they are better able to take a stand, to feel empowered rather than impoverished. Developing students’ literacy is one of the best ways to help students feel successful. Learning how to read and write builds self-esteem and serves as a stronghold in every facet of their lives. Success in school builds momentum for students to head out into the world, not only having the skills to hold down a job, but to find their passion and create a career. Your respect, teaching practices, and own resilience serves as a guiding light.
The BMED department sponsors an annual Multicultural Education Conference to provide an opportunity for educators to join forces in their efforts to promote multicultural education in K-12 public schools in the Sacramento region. Approximately 45 break-out sessions will be presented by faculty, teachers, students, and community activists.

Conference Session Strands:
1) Parent/Community Involvement
2) Leadership and Advocacy
3) Closing the Academic Achievement Gap
4) Effective Multicultural Education in an NCLB Context
5) Social Justice Civic Involvement/Service Learning
6) Multicultural/Anti-Bias/Diversity Education
7) Technology/Technical Integration & Media Analysis
8) Empowerment through Critical Pedagogy
9) Curriculum and Strategies for English Learners

More conference information and Call for Proposals posted at;
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