Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hayward Teachers Announce Victory - 10 Day Strike Ends

Steve Rubenstein and Nanette Asimov of the SF Chronicle just reported that Hayward Teachers have reached a tentative settlement with their district.

"All 1,300 teachers are expected to return to their classrooms Thursday, which will be a minimum day with early dismissal, according to union spokesman Mike Myslinski.
The agreement between the Hayward Education Association and the Hayward Unified School District came at around 9:30 p.m., after a round of talks that followed a large protest at the Hayward school board meeting.
When the strike began on April 5, teachers were demanding a 16 percent raise over 2 years and the school district was offering a one-time raise of 5.5 percent. It was not clear which side made additional concessions, if any, to reach the agreement tonight.
"After months of telling the district how the low pay for teachers is hurting our schools, the district finally agreed to do something about the problem," said Kathleen Crummey, president of the union. "This salary agreement isn't perfect, but it acknowledges that Hayward teachers are underpaid. It will help retain and recruit more dedicated educators for our classrooms."
...During the strike, only about a fifth of the district's 20,000 students were showing up for class. They were being taught by 180 substitutes and non-striking district employees."
Full Story and More at Bay Area Independent Media Center or Hayward Education Association

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