Saturday, July 08, 2006

Oaxacan teachers continue strike - 6th week; PRI ousted - PRD gains a new foothold

70,000 Oaxacan teachers in Mexico continue their fight for dignity and better wages which began May 16 - for more info see filmmaker Jill Friedberg's Granito de Arena website . Friedberg reports that the PRI, Mexico's dominant centrist political party lost for the first time in history lost in Oaxaca with 9 out of 11 districts voting for the candidate of the PRD, the left party which was supported by many of the teachers and the communities supporting their struggle.

This weekend rural teachers will be returning to their communities to finish the school year and to engage with parents and communities, encouraging them to return with them to the Oaxacan encampment on July 22nd where they have committed to stay until the repressive Governor of Oaxaca steps down. On July 24th Oaxacans celebrate their Guelguetza, an annual celebration and festival of indigenous people's art and culture.
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