Sunday, July 30, 2006

Nov 7 Elections - 5 ways you can help make progressive change in San Francisco Schools

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Nov. 7 Elections - 5 ways to help make progressive change in San Francisco schools
1. Educate yourself about the upcoming November 7 elections - locally and statewide -
2. Help Terminate Arnold and his big fat cat backers
3. Build grassroots support for camapaigns like - Yes on 87 and 89 and 1D - Support Schools, Clean Energy, and Clean Money Elections [state ballot stuff]
4. San Francisco - support the Schools Bond and 3 top notch candidates [the '3 KIMS'] for SF Board of Education -
Kim Knox
Kimshree Maufus
Jane Kim
[Labor Leader Josie Mooney may be announcing her candidacy soon and this will add another dynamic woman leader into the mix]

5. And, most importantly, ORGANIZE ORGANIZE ORGANIZE

Approaches at the statewide level - I like 4 statewide or regional efforts going on that are attempting to change the electoral landscape in CA to shift the balance towards the multiethnic progressive majority -
1. Los Angeles Area - AnthonyThigpen/AGENDA / Metropolitan Alliance / SCOPE
2. Orange County and the Inland Empire - POWERPAC - focus on Orange, San Bernadino and Riverside county cities with a majority people of color population - [I will be down in Ontario in a few days to get a better feel for the Inland Empire, I was also in Santa Ana, Westminster and other parts of Orange County as well this summer - huge Asian, Latino immigrant and working class communities]
3. Alliance for a Better California - largely funded by the California Teachers Association and other public sector unions - ABC has been proactively trying to build a stronger alliance between labor and our grassroots communities up and down the state.
4. League of Independent Voters [aka League of Pissed Off Voters] - mobilizing the 'sleeping giant' of young voters in chapters throughout the US [though local league folks got their butts kicked in a recent campaign for community safety alternatives to police, they will undoubtedly be back and hopefully more self-critical than ever].

What other local, regional and statewide efforts are folks watching?

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