Monday, May 01, 2006

San Francisco/Bay Area Immigrant Communities Make History

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San Francisco and Bay Area news accounts are estimating heavy student and teacher participation in today's rallies and marches for Immigrant Rights and International Worker's Day. See photos on Flickr.

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that only 1/3 of Mission High School students showed up for class today.
At San Francisco's Mission High, just 282 students -- less than a third of the usual 872 -- showed up for classes. Principal Kevin Truitt said he was left with the emptiest campus he's ever supervised -- and he was all for it.

San Francisco schools are reporting that 750 teachers and staff were absent from work today - May Day. 12,354 students were absent today from the school district (approximately 22%).
On a typical school day, 5% of students are absent in the district.
  • 5311 students were absent from elementary and K-8 schools (20%)
  • 2877 students were absent from middle schools (26%)
  • 4161 students were absent from high schools (21%)

Our central office reported that many teachers and students not only from Mission High, but also Balboa, O'Connell, ISA [International Studies Academy], Thurgood Marshall High Schools particpated in the immigrant rights/May Day rallies and marches.

The Chronicle is reporting that other school districts also had large walkouts/blowouts or students that didn't show up for school today probably in commemoration of the immigrant and workers' rights demonstrations.

-- San Jose: 4,876 students absent, or 16 percent.
-- San Diego: 26,008 students absent, or 20 percent.
-- Los Angeles: 71,942 middle and high school students absent, or 27 percent.

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Caroline said...

My 9th-grader and many of his schoolmates at School of the Arts (SOTA) left school after third period to join the protest. I'm curious whether they're counted as students who were at the protest, or whether only students who were out all day were counted. If those figures count only students who were out all day, is there any way to know how many students were at the protest but went to school first?

Also, what's the actual situation regarding whether SFUSD received the ADA money for students who were out all day, and ditto for students who were at school part of the day? That became a teachable moment, because many kids had some understanding of the funding situation, but nobody seems to know the true details.