Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Building the Black/Brown Alliance LA-Style; 17 year old Senior Antonio Williams tells it like it is on the racist CA High School Exit Exam

One of my mentors Chicano Studies Prof. Carlos Munoz and other Chicano, Latino and African American activists are getting together in Los Angeles this coming weekend at
The First Annual National Conference on Latino and African American Race Relations
Date: June 3, 2006 Time:Registration: 6:00 PM Begins: 7:00 PM
Location:Omar Ibn Al Khattab Foundation 1025 W.Exposition Blvd (Directly across from USC at Vermont & Exposition Blvd.)Los Angeles, CA 90007
Critical issues will be discussed and policy made that will no doubt change Los Angeles and be an example across the country. The conference will feature a morning Symposium that will feature national Latino and African American leaders who will dialogue on issues of immigration, labor, politics, health, economic empowerment and violence in our communities, schools and jails.
Rev. Al Sharpton and Christine Chavez, granddaughter of Cesar Chavez will headline the morning symposium that includes Mayor Roosevelt Dorn of Inglewood, Ca, Mayor Eric Perrodin of Compton Ca, Mayor Letica Vasquez of Lynwood Ca, State Sen Gloria Romero & Assemblymember Karen Bass, & Moderator Dr Earl Ofari Hutchinson.
Registration begins at 6:00 PM. Symposium begins at 7:00 PM
Registration fees for the conference are free.
However, donations can be made toProject Islamic HOPEP.O. Box 43-A-122Los Angeles Ca 90043 - For more info e-mail islamichope@aol.com or call (323) 769-5267

Poor News Magazine intern Antonio Williams tells it like it is on the racist and class biased CA High School Exit Exam.
Of the 46,700 seniors who have failed the test, 20,600 are designated as limited English learners and 28,300 are very lo-income.
I am a 17 year High School Senior. I failed the Exit Exam. Due to the delay ruling of the first challenge I might have a chance to receive a diploma as I am in the class of 2006. But what about my younger brothers and sisters? ...
According to Multiple Measures Approaches to High School Graduation published by the School Redesign Network at Stanford University, alternatives are currently being used by several states such as Oregon, Vermont, Washington and Maine. The Stanford Study stated that rather than being detrimental to student learning, alternatives such as the Senior Year Demonstration encourages an ambitious range of thinking and performance skills in students who participate.
So why can't Jack O'Connell understand that? Or better yet why doesn't Jack O'Connell listen to us, the students struggling with resource-poor, arts-poor and skilled- teacher poor schools. Struggling under endless test preps and no real teaching...
As I, a young African/Latino PoorNewsNetwork reporter watched the young Latina student of Richmond High School capture a corporate media minute in April and spit truth, I felt hope. As I, a young African/Latino high School student watched a young person of color question a stereotype to thousands of corporate media viewers, I felt possibilities. As I, a young brother of color who failed the exit exam watched resistance to the racist and classist Exit Exam. I didn't feel like completely giving up. At least through the media lens, I felt like we were listened to. Maybe sometime in the future we will be heard.

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