Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tonight's SF School Board Meeting - No on Props 74 and 76; Elections Cmn Apptee

Just as a heads us up -
tonight's tues 9/27/05 San Francisco Unified School District Board of Education meeting begins at 7pm
at 555 Franklin Street, board meeting room.
agendas are online at www.sfusd.edu

2 main resolutions to be voted upon - [even though these resos are up for first reading - the board can motion to suspend the rules by a vote of 5 members to vote on the resos that meeting]

In Opposition to Proposition 74 – the "Punish New Teachers Act"
- Commissioners Eric Mar, Jill Wynns, and Eddie Y. Chin

In Opposition to Proposition 76 – The California Live Within Our Means Act http://www.betterca.com/
- Commissioners Eric Mar, Jill Wynns, and Eddie Y. Chin

And one more item of interest -

1. Subject: Appointment of the Board of Education Representative
to the Elections Commission of the City and County of San Francisco
Recommendation: That the Board of Education appoints Jennifer Meek to the
Elections Commission as recommended by the Ad Hoc Committee on Elections
Commission. Other Education.

I had requested that military recruiting and the district's efforts to educate students and parents of their right to 'opt out' of having their contact info shared with military recruiters be placed on the agenda for the 9/27 meeting but I am allowing staff more time to prepare a report probably for the next meeting. For more info: SF's College not combat or
American Friends Service Committee's Anti-Militarism program or

CLOSED SESSION - Averting a strike by custodians/secretaries/cafeteria workers -
The board also meets in 'closed session' [not open to the public, except for public comment period] to discuss a few other important matters -
1. update on mediation with SEIU Local 790 [seiu 790 SFUSD chapter] and other updates on negotiations with other bargaining units
2. update on desegregration 'consent decree' and upcoming fed court hearing
3. superintendent's contract; transition process for selecting a new superintendent
[the board is currently setting a date for sometime in October for a 'committee of the whole' or public hearing on the superintendent search process. Vice President Norman Yee and I want to ensure that we get a strong showing of parents, teachers, community members who can give input into the type of process the SFUSD should take to select our new superintendent.]

For future board of ed agendas click on the link below - because of the efforts of Sarah Lipson, Mark Sanchez and other board members - our agendas are now posted on the website usually on the Thursday preceeding the Tuesday board meetings [the board meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, except in July].

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