Friday, September 16, 2005

Teacher Spending Gaps = Inequality; dangerous CA ballot initiatives - no on Props 74-78

[Photo - 2005 Californians for Justice organize communities to fight for quality teachers and better schools in San Jose ]

EdTrust West's recent report on the hidden teacher-spending gap highlights many of the existing inequalities in SF and other urban school districts.

School Board Commissioner Mark Sanchez in particular along with Commissioner Sarah Lipson have been championing the demand for accountability from our district on teacher salary info by school site and funding inequities in the schools in communities of color or those serving predominantly poor and immigrant students in our SF district.

Sanchez and Lipson have also called for a budgeting process that is fair and equitable which addresses the inequities for example between the east side Mission High School which receives over 1/2 a million dollars less than Washington High School because veteran teachers are concentrated in general in west side schools like Washington and Lowell High Schools.

for more info:
San Francisco Report in pdf format

CA's November Election will soon be upon us!
There are only a few more weeks to educate communities and voters about the dangerous measures sponsored by anti-public school, right-wing, big business, fundamentalist and anti-teacher forces - for more info on why we should vote
No on 74, 75, 76, and 78 and also No on 73

Alliance for a Better CA campaign website
Planned Parenthood's No on 73 site
SF's United Teachers
CA Federation of Teachers

To Plug in locally in SF
through Thursday September 29, 2005
teachers, students, parents and concerned community activists will be participating in a phone bank at the San Francisco Labor Council. Together we can defeat the Governor.
Who: Everyone who cares about public education and democracy and social justice
What: Phone Banking at the SF Labor Council
When: September 12-29, Monday through Thursday, 5:00-9:00 p.m.
Where: SF Labor Council, 1188 Franklin St. map
Info: UESF Political Director Ken Tray (415-956-8373)

San Francisco County Alliance Headquarters
c/o Service Employees International Union - United Healthcare Workers1338 Mission, San Francisco, CA 94103 [Map]Phone: 415-503-5797 Fax: 415-563-9914
Campaign Manager Robert Haaland

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Hello, thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I'm truly honored. I read on your website that you are a lawyer and an educator. That's the path I'm on right now. Were you a lawyer or an educator first? I'm so curious because right now I'm seriously questioning my decision to go to law school so I would love to know as a fellow educator what your views are. My e-mail is if you have time I'd appreciate hearing from you. I'll be checking back on your blog, it's very interesting.