Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Inspiration for this blog - CEJ - Los Angeles

The title of this blog and inspiration comes from the amazing organizing and movement building work of the hundreds of teachers, students and parents united under the mass organization in Los Angeles called the Coalition for Educational Justice or CEJ. Bravo to CEJ and the many other folks organizing to change our schools and society.

See links to other movement organizations in the links section.

For more background on CEJ:

Article on Brown v. Board of Education and building a movement to change LA schools

The LA Weekly featured the young leaders and organizers of CEJ last summer and in 2001 -

2004 piece
2001 piece

UCLA's Teaching to Change LA website featured one of their leaders Kirti Baranwal, Alex Caputo Pearl and others:

Interview with Kirti
Interview with Alex

Other info on CEJ:

CEJ's analysis on high stakes testing

CalCare on CEJ

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