Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Why Yes on 30 ?

Without a skilled, educated workforce, our state will not be able to create new jobs to grow our economy. Investing in our schools  is the best thing we can do to ensure a better future for all Californians.
But today, our state ranks 47th nationally in what we invest to educate each child. We have the largest class sizes in the nation. Over the last three years, more than $20 billion has been cut from California schools and over 40,000 educators have been laid off.
When these issues are raised, the anti tax radicals chant no new taxes.
Now, the most immediate thing we can do is to pass Prop. 30 the Schools and Local Public Safety Act. – which would prevent  $ 4.8  billion cuts from our schools and 1.3 billion in further cuts to colleges and universities. 
Duane Campbell

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