Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Michele Rhee as the voice of school reform ?

Tonight NBC news with Bryan Williams advanced a  controversial opinion as fact tonight.
Bryan Williams described Michele Rhee as a leading voice of school reform.  In fact she is a major voice for one particular view of school reform- the corporate-test driven model.
Here is the transcript.  The oral statement was even stronger.  I encourage you to contact NBC and to protest. Please request a balanced report. The e mail is at the end of the transcript.

;Bryan Williams  NBC . Tonight.
washington, d.c., voters fired their mayor. while it was just a city mayor's race, that washington election result last night was heard across the country by those who follow education reform. that's because the defeat of mayor fenty means the departure of a big reformer. michelle ree is the chancellor of schools in d.c. this comes just as her profile is about to explode even bigger because of a new film called "waiting for superman." that premieres tonight in washington. our own tom costello is there for us.

>> reporter:  good evening, brian. we're at the museum, waiting for the premiere. michelle has been the national symbol on education reform and admits she probably played a part in the mayor losing his job. so the question now, what happens to d.c. schools? for nearly four years, michelle ree has been on a warpath. along with the mayor, overhauling a school district many regard with national disgrace. closing 26 schools, laying off 470 teachers, she called underperforming, and demanding accountability from those who remain. there are signs of slow improvement. in three years, math proficiency scores have gone to 43%. still snod good enough.
>> it's only half of our children that are on grade level. so when i look at how much still yet has to be done, it's daunting.
>> reporter:  championed by education reform activists, she appears in a new movie "waiting for superman."
; you wake up every morning and you know that kids are getting a crappie education right now.
; reporter:  she alienated teachers, parents and voters.
; i think she's smart and knows what she's doing. but she is a bull in a china shop. she's charging around without understanding this is politics.
; i make decisions as a mother. when i'm thinking about closing down a school, i think about it from the perspective of, is this a school i would feel comfortable having my own child in.
; reporter:  she ease engaged to the sacramento mayor, but today the man who will be washington's next mayor declined to say whether he wants her to say.
; let me assure everybody also that we're not going to be turning back any clocks on school reform. we're going to be moving full speed ahead.
; reporter:  she said if she had to do it over again she would communicate better, but has no regrets about any decisions she's made.

Contact NBC news.  Protest this “news”.

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