Saturday, April 05, 2008

Next steps - anti war work

Obama campaign and antiwar work.

The Democractic Socialists of America position has been to not endorse any candidate. And, we passed a resolution saying that we adopted an anti imperialism in addition to an anti war position

So, if you live in Pennsylvania or Indiana, where there will soon be a primary, you will need to make electoral choices. And the California D.P. caucuses are next week. But, the active campaign season only lasts a few weeks in each state. After the primary- and in the other states- we should be educating, agitating and organizing.
Our task is to advance an anti war and an anti imperialist view as far as we can, to build the anti war movement.

One of the efforts has been Progressives for Obama. You can find their work at

Two or more of the DSA Honorary Chairs have signed on along with an impressive list of leftists.
Also, on the same page, is a good guide to independent, ie. not Democratic Party, participation in an electoral season by Carl Davidson.
BTW. the effort of Progressives for Obama is not to accept the Obama campaign as it is- but to organize and to push it left, specifically on the war.

An alternative approach has been that of PDA which has done some good work within the D.P.

And, United for Peace and Justice has a strategy for anti war work in this electoral season.

So, there is more than enough to do. We need to move beyond the limited paralysis of punditry and make what we can of this electoral season.

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hi, i came across your blog today. very good stuff! thanks for posting. i put together a video about social injustices, if you're interested. check it out. thanks!