Friday, August 03, 2007

Richmond District Community Opposes the 81st Starbucks in SF

I was appalled last summer when I saw the Starbucks in the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. Now, they are trying to open their 81st store in our City, a few blocks from many other local small business coffee houses and cafes. But Richmond District residents are fighting back, like Sunset, Hayes Valley and other neighborhoods several years ago.
Check Out the New Community Campaign to Protect Richmond District Small Businesses and Communities by Opposing the 81st Starbucks in the City and the 6th in the Richmond District and Surrounding areas.
Our 2004 SF law to protect communities from chain stores or 'formula retailers', the first in the US for a large city, apparently has some loopholes that allowed Starbucks to obtain a 'conditional use permit' from the SF Planning Commission. Now, our neighborhood has to appeal the decision to the SF Board of Supervisors on Tuesday August 7th. Please Join Us!

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