Tuesday, May 01, 2007

San Francisco Students and Teachers Marching on May Day; Protecting Students Rights in Walkouts

Today - May Day - I will be proudly marching with many of our
students and teachers who support dignity for all
immigrants and economic justice for everyone. Last
week I authored a resolution in solidarity with
immigrant student and community efforts to uphold our
local Sanctuary Ordinance and other local human rights
for immigrants policies.
To deal with the large numbers of students that plan
to walkout out sometime around noon today our district
is doing our best to protect their safety. To me,
International Workers Day always serves as an
important learning moment to teach about economic
justice, democracy, civil rights and immigrant rights
as well.
Initial reports from student organizers show that many
San Francisco schools will be participating in the
rallies and walkouts, including Lowell High, Mission
High, June Jordan School for Equity, John O’Connell
High, Gateway High, International Studies Academy or
ISA, Leadership High, Balboa High. Last year a number
of middle schools also participated in the May Day
marches and rallies as well.
To ensure district awareness of board and district
policies, on Friday the superintendent and staff
reminded every school site that if a student decides
to participate in the march, that staff should not
attempt any physical restraint of students. But the
sites can inform parents or guardians that the student
left the school for that purpose.
Larger WALKOUTS - if a large number or critical mass
of students at a school attend the march, then a
teacher or certificated staff person from the site
will be accompanying students to protect the safety
of our students.
Some of our school resource officers will not be at
their sites today. They too will be monitoring the
march. We are expecting reports beginning at 11am. I
will be marching from Mission High School with
students and teachers to Dolores Park at Noon and then
on to the Civic Center by 1pm or so.

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