Thursday, December 14, 2006

Rosie Apologizes? Not really...

Various Asian American blogs like the great ReAppropriate blog and Vanessa Hua of the SF Chronicle are now reporting that Rosie O'Donnell has now apologized for her 'ChingChong' mocking of Chinese speakers.
The reports though show a very half-hearted acknowledgement that she may have hurt some feelings, with little remorse or understanding of how offensive her remarks were.
On Thursday, O’Donnell expressed surprise when she learned that some Asian Americans considered speaking in that kind of sing-song accent an insult as grave as calling a black person by the N-word. She sympathized with people who were teased for their language on the playground while they were growing up.
However, she warned that she was a comedian, and she did accents of all kinds — including the “Japanese Yiddish” accent of Dec. 5.
“There’s a good chance I’ll do it again next week,” she said. “That’s how my brain works.”

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