Saturday, June 03, 2006

The SF State grading ordeal is over for me

As the clock struck midnight I finished entering the last of my Spring 2006 San Francisco State students' grades for this past semester. SF State now uses a web-based grading system where faculty can enter grades via the internet manually.
My 220 or so students will receive their grades instantaneously I believe.
I have been grading hundreds of 10+ page research papers for the past week now. So I am ready for some R and R. But unfortunately, I have to begin preparing for my one summer course which begins this coming Tuesday. I also have to get a passport and a visa for an upcoming educator's trip to the Beijing and Shanghai. We will be visiting schools and learning how the People's Republic of China's education system serves its billion-plus people.
Being free of my grading burden now I can also now see more of my 6 year old daughter who just lost her 3rd tooth today. Off to don my tooth fairy wings...

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